Argan Oil For Skin

Argan Oil For Skin

10 Reasons Why You Need Argan Oil For Your Skin.

Argan oil is a relatively new concept for many people, particularly when it comes to using it on your skin. Often people are only aware of the benefits for your hair. But in fact, argan oil has been used for centuries by Moroccans, a secret passed down through generations from old to young. It's commonly used for the skin, hair, and even in cooking! 

So, why is argan oil so good for the skin, especially the face? What makes it a better oil than all others out there? 

keep reading to learn more about why argan oil is great for your skin.

Packed with micronutrients like polyphenols, antioxidants like tocopherols (vitamin E) and many essential fatty acids (such as linoleic and oleic), argan oil has many proven benefits for your skin, as well as your hair and health. It can be used in SO many different ways in both haircare, skincare and even cooking, it is really one of those must havemulti-use household items. But we're talking about the real deal here, 100% pure natural argan oil. Not the fake products that really include a load of other unknown ingredients. But more on that later...let's get to the benefits! 

The benefits of argan oil for your skin:

1. It nourishes and regenerates the skin.

With its high vitamin E and antioxidant content along with omega fatty acids, argan oil provides powerful nourishment to your skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties support skin healing and regeneration.


2. It locks in moisture.

The high fatty acid content in argan oil gives strong moisturising properties, making it a perfect oil to use as a face and overall body moisturiser. The oil additionally acts as a sealant, locking the moisture into your skin and protecting it from the everyday elements. It is perfect for all skin types, but it is especially good for dry, sensitive skin.


3. It improves skin elasticity and softness.

The high vitamin E content in argan oil powerfully increases skin elasticity, making your skin feel super stretchy and free. It is a light, non-greasy oil that quickly soaks deep into the skin, leaving your skin with a soft, supple feel.


4. It prevents the signs of aging (reduces the appearance of wrinkles).

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, which are known to help fight the signs of aging. The oil's moisturising and healing properties prevent the dehydration of skin, which slows down the development of wrinkles as well as helps reduce them. 


5. It gives your skin a wonderful glow and even complexion.

Argan oil helps heal skin pigmentation issues and reduces redness and spots. It evens out skin tones and even leaves your skin with a radiant glow-y look, making it perfect to use as a primer before starting your makeup routine. 


6. It accelerates the wound-healing process.

Argan oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties, therefore is excellent to use to support the healing of small cuts, stings and wounds and swelling.


7. It helps to prevent and reduce stretch-marks, scars and acne.

Argan oil's potent nutrients help prevent the occurrence of stretch-marks and help the healing process to reduce their appearance if already developed. It supports the treatment of scarring, reducing their appearance, as well as the treatment of pimples. It helps regulate the sebum production, which means it is great for oily, acne-prone skin.


8. It helps to treat dermatosis, psoriasis and eczema.

The essential unsaturated fatty acids in argan oil support the healing and treatment of dermatosis, as well as other skin issues like psoriasis, eczema and hyper-pigmentation disorders. 


9. It strengthens brittle nails and repairs damaged cuticles.

Argan oil's nutrients help repair and heal damaged cells, which includes nails and cuticles! 


10. It helps to heal sunburn and rashes.

    Argan oil will sooth and help heal any skin rashes and sunburns thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory properties.

    We recommend using our morgancosmetics 100% pure organic argan oil, sourced sustainably and ethically by traditional Berber women in an all-female cooperative in Morocco. Over half of our profits will be donated to support female empowerment in rural Moroccan communities.

    Be aware of misleading argan oil products! 

    Unfortunately a lot of beauty products today have beautifully designed misleading marketing, with labels of Argan oil or Moroccan oil. In truth, if you look at their ingredients list, argan oil comes far down the list (meaning it's just a tiny percentage of the product), with who-knows-what other chemicals or additives inside. This means you're not really getting the true benefits of pure argan! We hope to increase your awareness of such claims and opt for the real deal, the 100% pure and organic argan oil. 

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