Our Story

Inspired by the healing women who produce oils from the seeds of the Argan tree in Morocco.

Morgan Cosmetics LLC is a leading purveyor of the finest organic face, hair, skin and nail care line made from Moroccan Argan oil. With offices in Morocco, and Seattle, Washington, Morgan Cosmetics offers more than 60 SKUs that provide the highest level of hair, skin and nail care. Morgan Cosmetics began its entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with its first line of hand-pressed 100% pure Argan oil extracts from Argan trees at its farm in Essaouira (the capital of Argan).  To establish the highest quality, Morgan Cosmetics uses the cold press method to ensure that their oil will stay in its natural state and structure.  Today, founders Bachir and Jennifer Abba and their teams in the US and in Morocco continue to evolve by sharing the stories and wisdom from the healing women of Argan.


Morgan Cosmetics specializes in formulating Argan oil, inspired by the Moroccan healing women who produce oils from the seeds of Argan trees. Morgan Cosmetics’ Argan oil brightens and hydrates skin by filling pores and locking in skin’s essential moisture through its high Vitamin E content. It also restores the skin’s pH, reducing wrinkles and softening the skin to produce a bright, radiant complexion. Cold pressed and minimally processed using the German filtration system at their onsite facility in Morocco, ensures the highest level of quality.  Morgan Cosmetics’ Argan oil brings natural wellness to all skin types so everybody can address the challenges of winter dryness and make their skin clear and comfortable.

Morgan Cosmetics has not only a business goal, but we also carry a cause through three objectives:

1)-Social goal: that our business activity is a concrete action to fight against poverty, with a gender that seeks to promote the status of rural women through strengthening its financial power.

2)-Economic goal: that our company wants avant-garde in terms of product quality which is the fruit of good practices of its production process and work environment. What makes our oil will be the best on the market in terms of Quality Award. We are committed to ensure high competitiveness of our products in relation to similar products on the market.

3)-Environmental objective: that we adopt a sustainable development approach based on safe guarding the heritage of the Argan forest through the development of this forest product to ensure the improvement of living conditions of population the region of Argan.