Argan Tree:

Argan Oil comes from the Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa), a tree that grows only in the South-west of Morocco. Used by Berber women for centuries for its many virtues, Argan Oil is attracting more and more interest outside of Morocco for its cosmetic properties.

Argan Oil is a miracle ingredient that is harvested from the kernels of the Argan tree. This natural material is rich in essential fatty acids and other important nutrients, which can play a key role in the development of effective skin and hair care products.

Production of Argan Oil:

Two different methods are used mainly for the production of Argan oil "traditional hand pressed" and "machine pressed".

Method Number One - Homemade (traditional hand pressed):

When the fruits are matured, they fall from the tree and dried naturally in the sun. Nuts and kernels are then pulped and crushed between two stones by Berber women. Small fruits inside called "kernels" are sorted and roasted in hand-made clay pot on a fire fueled by the shells of the fruit. The kernels are then grounded by hand in traditional stone mills. The Berber women will obtain a creamy and rich consistency, which is kneaded by hand. They extract the oil slowly in a process that takes 24 hours to complete.

The capacity of each Argan tree is between 8-12 pounds of kernels. About 66 pounds of fruit are needed to produce just one liter of Argan Oil, which means it takes 5-6 trees. Producing the oil this way is extremely vital to obtain the most genuine oil. Taking into account the hard work of crushing nuts by hand, the Berber women are working nearly a day and a half to produce one liter of Argan Oil.

Environmentalists estimate that the annual production of Argan oil does not exceed 3 - 4 million liters of oil at certain times per year in order to save these rare miracle trees.

Method Number 2 - Modern manufacturing (industrial mechanical pressed):

There are steps in the process of mechanically extracting Argan oil, the most difficult to do manually, which has been mechanized to create faster production. After the kernels are roasted they are machinery pressed; manufacturing is one by mechanical methods. The oil is then decanted, filtered and bottled. This is a more cost effective way of obtaining the oil however; the oil has been restructured by the use of heavy machinery and heat.


Our Oil:

If the oil is extracted by using Morgan Cosmetics’ cold press method, we ensure that the oil doesn’t lose its richness, nutrients, vitamins or our beautiful gold color. We believe that by using the cold press method, our oil will stay in its natural state and structure, which aims to meet the quality standards of our production. It may take more time but, just like our mission statement, we stand for perfection.


Hair Care

  • Hydrates dry, frizzy, and damaged hair
  • Pre-treats and smooth any hair type
  • Penetrates deeply into the scalp
  • Helps to grow and restores hair’s natural beauty
  • Prevents breakage
  • Prevents fading for colored hair
  • Repairs hair from heated damage
  • Revises split ends


Skin Care

  • Moisturizes and penetrates deeply for smooth skin
  • Nourishes body as bath oil

 Nail Care

  • Stops cracked damaged nails
  • Conditions into cuticles


How to use:

For the hair:

Massage three drops of Argan Oil into your hair approximately half an hour before washing the hair. If your hair and scalp are very dry, massage it into the scalp too. Apply the oil to the roots and make sure to spread it evenly down to the ends. Wrap a large towel around your head and leave the oil to do its work for at least half an hour. For an intensive conditioning treatment, leave the oil on overnight. Wash it out with a shampoo. If your hair is frizzy, try to apply a few drops of the oil into damp hair after a shower and comb through the hair.

 For face & body:

The Argan oil can be used on the face and on the body as a natural moisturizer. It helps to soften dry skin around the elbows or the knees.

 For nails:

To strengthen weak or brittle nails, mix equal parts of Argan oil and lemon juice and soak for 10 minutes. This will only soften your cuticles and limit nail breakage but will also give your nails a healthy radiance.

 If you are allergic to nuts, please check with your healthcare practitioner before using Argan oil.

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