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Morgan Cosmetics Pure Aloe Vera Gel 8 oz

Morgan Cosmetics Pure Aloe Vera Gel 8 oz

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All-Natural Nourishing Formula: Replenish your skin and hair to good health with the nourishing benefits of our natural Aloe Vera Gel. Made using organic aloe vera extracts, this 100% pure gel is devoid of artificial fragrances and alcohol.

  • Moisturizes and Tightens Skin: The non-sticky moisturizing formula absorbs quickly into the pores and balances moisture to improve skin elasticity. Aloe Vera is also known to tighten and smoothen out signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Soothes and Repairs Skin Damage: From rashes and cuts to bug bites and sunburns, our healing Aloe Vera Gel is the real remedy for all. Its anti-inflammatory effects also help in treating acne and soothing skin irritation for clear smooth skin.

  • Nourishes Hair and Scalp: Aloe Vera’s conditioning properties can moisturize dry hair, soothe scalp itch, and grow longer hair. It is a perfect hair care solution that hydrates and strengthens the scalp to reduce dandruff and hair fall.

  • Certified for Trust: Our cold-pressed Aloe Vera Gel is cruelty-free, making it safe for both kids and adults. Men or women, this vegan body gel is the perfect wellness gift for all your loved ones.

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